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Type 80, 81, 82


Around string powered accumulating roller conveyor

Types 80 & 81 or types 80 & 82 together make up a round belt powered accumulating roller conveyor for the transportation of lightweight to medium-heavy products. This works as follows: a drive axle ø 25 or ø 35 mm is installed transversely beneath the rollers. Polyamide (PA 6) diabolo (deeply grooved) wheels with a sliding fitting have been threaded onto the axle. A round belt of no more than ø 6 mm is placed around the diabolo wheel and the groove in the roller. The pre-tensioned round belt provides friction between axle and diabolo wheel. This friction causes the roller to be driven. If the product on the roller is obstructed, then the diabolo wheel can slip on the axle. The advantage of this method of delivering power to the rollers is that it operates near enough silently, even at high speeds. You should take into account that the roller can acquire a static electric charge if non-conducting bearing cartridges are used, which can cause sparks to jump between the roller and the frame.

  +/- 10%
max 6 mm  

tube steel
ø 40 x 1.5 x x x  
ø 50 x 1.5 x x x  
ø 60 x 1.5 x x    
ø 70 x 2.0 x x x  
ø 80 x 2.0 x x x