ALSO Group
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Type 33


Load roller with internal turned bearing chambers

Load roller with internal turned bearing chambers, fitted with a grooved ball bearing. Suitable for transporting heavy to very heavy products on a belt conveyor or powered roller conveyor in a dry or humid dusty environment. The load capacity is dependent on tube diameter, wall thickness, tube length and bearings. This version is often used as a roller for connecting two conveyor
segments or as a switch roller.

Steel - SS zz - 2RS
10-250 KG  
Steel - SS  



internal thread
spring-loaded spindle
AL = IL+2x..
spindle with flats
AL = IL+2x..
smooth spindle
external thread
AL = IL+2x..
stepped spindle
AL = IL+2x..
ø 8 M 5x10   sw 6x10 ø 8x10 M 8x15 with ET M 6x15
ø 10 M 6x12   sw 8x10 ø 10x10 M 10x15 with ET M 8x15
ø 12 M 6x12
M 8x15
  sw 10x10 ø 12x10 M 12x15 with ET M 10x15
ø 15 M 8x15
  sw 12x10 ø 15x10   with ET M 14x20
ø 17 M 10x15
M 12x20
  sw 14x10
sw 12x10
ø 17x12   with ET M 16x20
ø 20 M 10x15
M 12x20
  sw 15x10
sw 14x10
ø 20x12 M 20x15 with ET M 16x20
ø 25 M 12x20
M 16x24
  sw 18x10
sw 15x10
ø 25x15   with ET M 16x20
ø 30 M 16x24   sw 22x13
sw 18x13
ø 30x20   with ET M 20x20

tube steel
ø 25 x 2.0 x x    
ø 30 x 2.5 x      
ø 38 x 2.0 x x    
ø 40 x 3.0 x x    
ø 50 x 5.0 x      
ø 51 x 2.6 x x    
ø 57 x 2.9 x x    
ø 60,3 x 5.0 x x    
ø 70 x 5.0 x x    
ø 80 x 5.0 x x